Virginia Creeper Trail

Location: Abingdon, Damascus, and Whitetop VA

Directions: Parking is available at several locations along the trail, including Abingdon, Damascus and along Hwy 58 east of Damascus.

Description: A converted railroad bed with smooth, wide, level tread. The length is 34 miles from Abingdon to the NC state line, with the town of Damascus located about half way between. The Damascus to Whitetop section goes through the Mt Rogers NRA, is very scenic, crosses many trestles over Whitetop-Laurel creek and has heavy bicycle use, especially on weekends. Other features are the old Green Cove station and a visitors center at Whitetop. The Damascus to Abingdon section is not as heavily used and passes through rural and moderately populated areas. There are trestles on this section also, including a high bridge across the Holston River. Additional riding is available on the Iron Mountain Trail near Damascus. More info can be found at Virginia Creeper Trail Guide

Update:The Laurel Fork Trail is expected to begin construction soon. The first section will branch off the Virginia Creeper and roughly parallel Highway 91 into Tennessee. This will be a multi-use trail with similar construction to the Creeper and will hopefully extend all the way to Mountain City eventually.