Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

The purpose of this organization shall be:

  1. To perpetuate the common sense use and enjoyment of horses in America’s back country and wilderness.
  2. To work to ensure that public lands remain open to recreational stock use.
  3. To assist the various government and private agencies in their maintenance and management of said resource.
  4. To educate, encourage and solicit active participation in the wise use of the back country resource by horsemen and the general public commensurate with our heritage.
  5. To foster and encourage the formation of new state Back Country Horsemen’s organizations.


Back Country Horsemen of East TennesseeIt was the original assumption that Back Country Horsemen would be a different type of organization, not the usual special interest one, normally operating as a protest group. It was felt that a service organization, doing work in the back country, would lend credibility to the group when it became involved in criticisms of agency management.

Back Country Horsemen of East TennesseeSo, service and education joined a determination to protect our heritage of back country stock use as composites of the “purpose” outlined in our Mission Statements. Our name was chosen because it signified an interest in much more than just wilderness. Back Country Horsemen are interested in perpetuating recreational stock use on virtually all public lands.

We try to limit our interests to the stated purpose. Many worthwhile organizations already exist to provide action programs in other fields, so anyone interested in those has adequate opportunities to become active.