Who We Are

The BCHET began in 2000. The founding members recognized the need for horse trails in our area and set out to work with the USFS to develop the needed trails. It was quickly recognized that the voice of one simply lacked the power required to gain the attention of the USFS.

Upon the advise of the local members of the USFS (Terry Bowerman) the BCHET was organized.

In 2002, the “Back Country Horsemen of East Tennessee” (BCHET) became the first affiliate in Tennessee with the “Back Country Horsemen of America” (BCHA).to leverage the power of the BCHA

By becoming part of the BCHA we gained the voices of thousands. We became heirs of the existing partnerships with the USFS and the Wilderness Trails Society.

Just a Few Accomplishments of the BCHET

Developed Partnerships


Tennessee State Forest

Established over 100 Miles of Horse Trails In the North Cherokee National Forest

Developed Trail Riding Areas Include:

Holston Mountain (Sullivan / Carter)

Meadow Creek and Brush Creek Mountains (Green County / Cock County)

Limestone Cove (Unicoi)

Clarks Creek (Washington)