New Horse Trail Description

Please use this form to describe for us any additional horseback riding trail(s) in Eastern Tennessee or relatively close by that you believe we should consider adding to our set of BCHET Trail Descriptions. Thank you!

Name this horse trail is commonly known by?
County where trail head is located?
Location of trail head (e.g. well known name or street address?
GPS coordinates of trail head or nearby mark (e.g. 36.090162, -82.679478)?
Directions to the trail head or parking area (from some well known starting point)?
Capacity and condition (# horse trailers, loop, in/out, other)?
Estimated length of trail (# miles) and average rider duration (minutes or hours)?
Suggested Rider/Horse Skill Level, as per: BCHET Horse Trail Difficulty Ratings
Briefly describe the trail's start, noteworthy points and highlights along the way, etc.
Any particularly scenic view(s) that may interest folks?
Seasonal, water access and/or other particular considerations before embarking on the trail?
If you use Ramblr or other service and recorded the travel (e.g. to the trail head, the trail ride itself, etc.) you can enter the "http" web address(es) here.
If applicable, mention any other trails this one connect to or intersects with this one
If you would, please share with us your name, phone # and email address, in case we have any follow up questions.
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